2012 Foals

We strive to produce quality foals of the best blood lines that will perform as trail / pleasure, rodeo competiton or show horses. Your foal will be handled and halter broke at the time of delivery.

All foals have APHA Registration Applications.


Sold!        Thanks Billie Jo


Dob 5/20/2012

Sire - Dixons Sunny Durango

Dam - Buck Jesse James                             (Domino)    


Bolt shown here with Domino (mare). Note the lightning bolt on his left upper hip.

"Little Britches"


DOB 5/29/2012

Sire - Dixons Sunny Durango

Dam - Rascals Golden Titan

Little Britches 1

Little Britches is extremely affectionate and sweet, very very fast. 


Sold!               Thanks Pam


DOB 7/29/2012

Sire - Dixons Sunny Durango

Dam - Rascals Sugar McCue

Bullet 2
Bullet 1
Bullet 3

Bullet is laid back and gentle!

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